Vitamin D intake

The Department of Health has updated advice on how much vitamin D the public need.

For infants from birth up to 1 year of age:

~ if either exclusively or partially breastfed - a daily supplement of 8.5-10 micrograms of vitamin D is recommended

~ infants fed with infant formula should not be given a vitamin D supplement unless they are receiving less than 500mls of formula a day as formula is fortified with vitamin D and no other supplementation is required

Children aged 1 to 4 years:

~ a daily supplement of 10 micrograms of vitamin D is recommended

People aged 5 years and above

~ between late March/early April and September - the majority of people 5 years and above will probably obtain sufficient vitamin D from sunlight alongside foods that naturally contain or are fortified with vitamin D. They might choose not to take a vitamin D supplement.

~ from October to March - a daily supplement of 10 micrograms of vitamin D should be considered for everyone over 5 years, including pregnant or breastfeeding women

~ some groups of people with very little or no sunshine exposure may choose to take a daily supplement of 10 micrograms of vitamin D throughout the year

How to obtain vitamin D

~ some children aged up to 4 years and pregnant women will be entitled to free Healthy Start Vitamins

~ all other people are advised to purchase a vitamin D supplement from their local community pharmacy, supermarket or other retail outlet. Vitamin D is not available on prescription.


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